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who pays for a flat tire on a rental car

Getting a flat tire on your personal car is a hassle, but getting a flat in a rental car is on another level. You might assume that the rental company would pay for the tire and any damage that results from it, unfortunately, that might not be the case in Georgia.

If you feel you’ve been mistreated by a rental car company after getting a flat tire in one of their vehicles, Athens car accident lawyer Mike Rafi might be able to help. Contact the Rafi Law Firm to schedule your free consultation by calling (706) 995-7547 or by using the convenient online contact form.

Continue reading to learn about your responsibilities if you get a flat tire in a rental car and some options you might have.

You Pay if You Don’t Have the Right Coverage

It’s important that you take a close look at your auto insurance policy before renting a car because not all policies provide the same coverage when you’re in a rental. If you don’t have coverage, you’ll be responsible for replacing the tire and the cost of repairing any damage that resulted from the flat tire. 

You might also have roadside assistance coverage from your standard auto insurance policy or through AAA that will follow you if you’re driving a rental car. If you have a major credit card, they might also offer assistance in varying degrees. For example, some credit card companies  offer reimbursement for the value of a rental if it’s damaged or stolen, however, most of them won’t cover any injuries that might result from an accident

Before you rent a car, find out what coverage you have through your insurer and any credit  cards you have. If you don’t think your coverage is sufficient or if you want extra security, consider purchasing insurance through the rental agency. 

The Rental Company Might Pay, But You’ll Need to Read Their Roadside Assistance Terms Very Closely

Many rental companies offer insurance and a roadside assistance program for a fee. Depending on the circumstances and the policy, this program might pay for flat tire service without additional payments or deductibles from you.

Prior to purchasing the insurance, read the terms very closely because it might include language that will make you pay for any damage, including a flat tire, based on the circumstances of the cause of the damage. Read carefully before signing  the contract and be cognizant of what is and isn’t included. 

Here are some examples of tricks the rental agency might pull with their roadside assistance coverage.

  • It might only cover the labor costs of taking the old tire off and putting on a new one or a spare – you could be responsible for all other charges.
  • Some rental cars don’t have a spare tire. Not only will you be responsible for tire repair or replacement, but you might also have to foot the bill for the tow truck unless your roadside assistance paperwork says differently.

Protect Yourself if You Get a Flat Tire in a Rental Car

There are horror stories from rental customers who were hit with huge bills days or even weeks after returning the car. They did their due diligence and paid for the tire, only to receive a letter from the rental company alleging that the rims were scratched during the blowout, and the renter is responsible for hundreds of extra dollars in charges, if not more. 

The bottom line is that you should always double check all contracts, including roadside assistance contracts, before renting a car. You should also find out what kind of protection, if any, you’ll have from that roadside protection, your auto insurance, and any credit cards you have. Taking a few extra minutes to do your research up front could save you a lot of frustration and money later.

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Athens car accident lawyer Mike Rafi has fought and won innumerable cases on behalf of clients who were unfairly treated by rental car companies, insurance providers, and others.

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