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At Rafi Law Firm, we know how frustrating it is for clients who feel there is nowhere to turn when they suffer a hit-and-run crash. We are skilled at investigating fault, holding liable parties accountable, and pursuing full compensation to help you recover from your injuries. Contact us for a free consultation with a Savannah personal injury lawyer to learn more.

I was injured in a hit-and-run. What should I do?

You should remain calm if you have been hurt in a crash where the other driver left the scene. If possible, move your vehicle to safety out of traffic or at least get yourself out of harm’s way. Contact the police and request an ambulance so you can be evaluated.

Once you have obtained medical treatment at the scene, tell the responding officers every detail you can remember. There are other sources of evidence your hit-and-run accident attorney can access, but your initial recollection will be necessary. After speaking with the police, write down any other details that come to mind and contact our office to schedule a free case evaluation and get started on the road to recovery.

How much does it cost to hire a hit-and-run accident lawyer in Savannah?

At Rafi Law Firm, our commitment to obtaining full compensation is reflected in our contingency fee structure. You owe us nothing unless and until we secure a settlement. We’re also proud to offer free consultations, so you can decide if we’re the right firm for you without making a financial commitment.

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Basics of a hit-and-run

A hit-and-run collision occurs when a driver hits another vehicle and leaves the scene without providing their contact information. A collision doesn’t have to involve two vehicles to be considered a hit-and-run. Other types of hit-and-runs include:

  • Hitting a bicycle rider
  • Hitting a motorcyclist
  • Hitting a pedestrian
  • Striking a parked car in a parking lot
  • Backing out of a parking space and hitting another car before driving away
  • Hitting a mailbox, fence, or landscaping in someone’s yard
  • Being involved in a crash and driving away before the police arrive

When do you have to report an accident in Georgia?

Every driver has a legal duty to stop, supply their contact and insurance information, and aid others after an accident. The law requires this if there is more than $500 in damage or if someone is hurt or dies. Leaving the scene comes with stiff penalties, especially when someone suffers serious injuries.

Why would someone leave the scene of an accident?

There are two main reasons a driver might leave the scene of an accident: fear and ignorance. They are likely afraid of what will happen to them if they stay behind, or they simply do not know what the law requires of them. No matter the reason, your attorney will work hard to bring them to justice.

There are many situations where a driver may leave the scene of an accident, such as:

  • They hit someone riding a bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, or on foot.
  • They were in a high emotional state at the time (angry, scared, anxious, or grieving).
  • They hit a stationary object and thought no one saw it.
  • They were high or intoxicated.
  • They were fleeing the scene of a crime.
  • They have an outstanding warrant.
  • They didn’t know they had caused a crash.
  • They have no insurance coverage.
  • They had a suspended or revoked license.
  • They were underage with no license.
  • They didn’t know they were supposed to stop.
  • The vehicle was stolen.
  • They are young or inexperienced as a driver.

The reason they left may have made sense to them at the time, but your lawyer for hit-and-run in Savannah, GA, will not let them make excuses. Our team fights for your rights and interests while working to secure the maximum compensation available to you from all at-fault parties.

How are hit-and-runs investigated in Savannah?

Your lawyer will work closely with law enforcement officers to investigate the incident. They perform most of the work, and we will contribute what we find. The typical process is as follows:

1. Police respond to the accident

When you or someone else calls 911 for help, the authorities will respond to assist you and collect evidence. They will examine the scene and take your statement.

2. Officers collect witness statements

The responding officers will ask anyone in the vicinity if they saw the accident. They will take statements from these witnesses, and our attorneys will gather their contact details to conduct further interviews.

3. Investigators review video footage

One of the most valuable sources of evidence will be video footage from cameras in the area. This may include traffic, surveillance, security, and dashboard cameras, as well as any videos bystanders may have taken with their cell phones. Police may even search social media to find any relevant videos. Your attorney will request access to these materials for our own review and analysis.

4. Police create a traffic crash report

Using the information they have gathered, the police will complete a traffic crash report.  This document will be available from the department that handled your accident. This could be the local police or sheriff, or it may be the Georgia Highway Patrol. Our attorneys will request these reports to support your case.

5. Police contact the driver

If they have found the name and address of the hit-and-run driver, the officers will arrange to visit the individual and discuss the case. They will look for further evidence, such as damage to the person’s vehicle, injuries they have, or statements they make that indicate guilt. They may then charge the person with a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the severity of the accident.

What happens to hit-and-run offenders in Savannah?

Recklessly causing an accident carries its own penalties in Savannah, GA, but leaving the scene of a crash makes it much worse. Neglecting to stay and render aid if someone is hurt, even if it is only calling 911, can result in high fines and time behind bars. The driver will face a criminal trial, and a conviction will affect their ability to keep a job or get hired.

They will also have their driver’s license suspended and experience higher insurance premiums. If they have no insurance, they will be charged with additional offenses.

Why do I need an attorney after being in a hit-and-run? I’m just out of luck, right?

No matter why they leave, a hit-and-run driver should be held responsible. Investigation techniques are more advanced than ever, giving your attorney and the police a better chance of locating the wrongdoer and seeing they face justice. The personal injury lawyers at Rafi Law Firm are skilled, tenacious, and determined to help you recover the damages you need to pay for your injuries from the driver who ran.

How a Savannah hit-and-run accident lawyer can help

In addition to helping to find the hit-and-run driver, your attorney can help you file insurance claims and lawsuits to right the wrong done to you. We will calculate a full estimate of your losses, including projected costs for future medical care, and present a letter of demand. If the insurance company does not meet our demands after careful negotiation, we will take them to court.

Insurance companies like to delay and deny your claims so they can get away with paying you less. After the emotional trauma of being hit by someone who left you behind, you don’t need any additional stress from a company that doesn’t care about your pain. Our team will take on this struggle for you, keeping you updated while we fight for what you deserve.

If no driver can be found, we can still help you secure the settlement you need from your uninsured/underinsured driver insurance policy.  There may also be other parties who played a part in your accident. We search for any person or entity that can be held liable.

How do I report a hit-and-run?

Calling 911 will put you in contact with law enforcement, who can examine the accident scene and begin an investigation. You may also need to involve the Georgia Highway Patrol in the event the suspect traveled far from the crash scene. You should give the officers as much detail as possible about the other vehicle.

They will want to know the make, model, license plate, and color of the vehicle. They will also ask you about the events leading up to the accident, such as whether the driver was behaving aggressively or seemed to be intoxicated. Officers will note details about the time of the day, weather, road conditions, and any other factors.

Common questions about insurance and hit-and-runs

A common concern for our hit-and-run clients is whether their insurance rates will be affected.

Will a hit-and-run claim raise my insurance?

If you are not at fault and this is the first time you have been involved in a hit-and-run crash, you should not see any difference in your premiums or coverage. This may change if you report more than one hit-and-run crash within a short timeframe (for example, three years). The insurance company may consider you a high-risk driver and raise your rates.

Does uninsured motorist insurance cover a hit-and-run?

If you have collision coverage or uninsured motorist insurance, your insurance will pay for your losses. These policies are not required in Georgia, so you must choose to have them added to your coverage. Liability insurance is mandatory in our state, but this only pays for damage you cause in a crash.

Did the other driver not stop? Our Savannah hit-and-run accident lawyer can help.

Seeking compensation from a hit-and-run driver is challenging, primarily if the person at fault can’t be located. However, there are always options, and an experienced Savannah hit-and-run accident lawyer from Rafi Law Firm is ready to help you.

We are proud of our results for other clients and are confident we can help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible for your case. Contact us at (912) 461-6798 or through our online form to schedule your free consultation today.

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