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Knowing who’s responsible in a crash involving several vehicles is difficult, but certainly not impossible with the help of a skilled attorney. If you were in a crash with several other cars, don’t assume you’re out of options – more than one driver could be held liable for your injuries.

who is at fault in a pileup crash

The best way to protect your rights is to get in touch with Athens car accident lawyer Mike Rafi as soon as possible. Mike can investigate the crash and ensure your rights are protected while working towards full compensation.

To schedule your free consultation, call (706) 995-7547 today — the longer you wait to call, the harder it might be to receive full and fair compensation. 

Determining fault

In order to obtain compensation in a personal injury case, you’ll need to prove that the other driver acted negligently or failed to exercise reasonable care, and their negligence directly caused your injury. 

Every driver has a duty of care to other drivers and pedestrians to follow traffic laws and to act reasonably under the circumstances. Some of the most common causes of pileup accidents involving negligence include:

  • Disobeying traffic laws – Speeding, running a red light, not using a turn signal before merging lanes or turning are only some examples of disobeying traffic laws that can result in a multi-car accident. 
  • Distracted driving – Texting, dialing a number, or even changing a song are some of the most common examples of distracted driving. However, eating, putting on makeup, or trying to change clothes are also common – and equally dangerous – behaviors.
  • Driving under the influence — Again, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal, but it’s still one of the most prominent causes of car accidents and fatal car accidents. 

Your lawyer can interview witnesses, examine the accident scene, review the police report, talk to the police, obtain video or surveillance footage from nearby businesses, and more on your behalf.

The police report will be a large indicator of who’s at fault for the accident. However, Mike’s investigation could reveal more evidence to help your case because he devotes more time and effort into investigating his client’s claims in order to help them win, whereas the police aren’t advocating for a specific person.

What to expect from the at-fault driver’s insurance company

An insurance adjuster from an at-fault party’s insurance company will call you shortly after the accident. They’ll appear friendly and concerned about you, but don’t fall for their “nice guy” routine. The adjuster might try to trick you into accepting at least part of the blame, if not all of it, and they’ll use anything you say against you in an effort to reduce or deny your claim. 

The insurer might send you a settlement offer right away, and it might seem like a substantial amount of money, but in reality, it might not come close to paying for the medical treatment you need and it’s unlikely that it’ll cover the money you’ll lose because you can’t work.

Never accept any kind of offer without speaking to your attorney first, because after you accept an offer, that’s it, you can’t ask for more. 

The best thing you can do when an adjuster calls is to confirm the date, time, and location of the accident, then refer them to your Athens car accident lawyer for all other questions. Your attorney will answer the rest of their questions for you so that your interests are best protected. 

Don’t be too hasty to accept a settlement

Georgia follows the principle of modified comparative negligence in multi-car accidents. This means that if you’re found to be more than 50% responsible for a crash, you won’t be able to collect damages. If you’re assigned less than 50% of fault, you may still be eligible to receive damages, but the amount you receive will be reduced based on your percentage of fault.  

For example, a jury finds that you’re 20% responsible for the accident. If they’ve awarded you $200,000, your compensation will be reduced by $40,000 (20%) and you’ll receive $160,000 instead of the full $200,000.

Insurance companies aren’t required to distribute money equitably. Insurers often divide proceeds however they like rather than awarding more to the people who are the most injured. An Athens car accident lawyer can work on your behalf to make sure your claim gets the appropriate priority so you get the compensation you deserve.

Obtaining the compensation you deserve

An attorney can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to help you get what you truly deserve, not just what that insurer wants to pay. The vast majority of these cases eventually settle out of court, however, sometimes the insurer is simply unreasonable and the case must go to trial for you to receive justice.

If your case goes to trial, Mike Rafi will use his years of experience to present the evidence and testimony needed to convince the jury that you’re entitled to every penny you’ve demanded. 

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